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Full Circle Industrial Maintenance LLC (FCIM) is a top quality and reputable leader in the Manufacturing Industry. Satisfying the customer’s needs is our ultimate goal while servicing a machine tool or any other type of manufacturing equipment in your facility. FCIM has established and grown many relationships over our  years of experience in the machine tool industry working along side the OEM,
re-manufacturing companies and specialty service groups. FCIM has proven very capable of completing nearly any need on machine tools or peripheral equipment utilized in the manufacturing environment.

gearsWith decades of experience in the manufacturing environment, Full Circle Industrial Maintenance service engineers make your transfer to contracted machine tool service both transparent and cost-effective.

FCIM has earned its reputation on providing responsive, quality service at a respectable price without sacrificing safety or durability. Our knowledge, experience and integrity provide customers peace of mind and provide reliable solutions to complex problems.

 FCIM has decades of proven experience in finding creative,
cost-effective solutions to eliminating costly production downtime. Reoccurring breakdowns on machine tools or any production process are generally the result of unresolved maintenance issues and can cost manufacturers unnecessary and costly downtime.  By contracting Full Circle Industrial Maintenance to provide predictive and preventative maintenance, manufacturers can reduce production cost by identifying and minimizing these unresolved maintenance issues before they occur. No matter what type or brand name of equipment you have, we can solve your problems with our vast experience and extensive array of equipment repair and maintenance services.

Our goal is to help schedule your down time instead of your down time scheduling you.

catastrophic eventFCIM can also aid in the time of a catastrophic event. When disaster strikes or Mother Nature plays havoc on your facility and the equipment within your facility, FCIM has qualified personnel to appraise your machine tools and equipment for needed repairs or replacement. With years of experience working with the insured and the insurance company,  you can expect FCIM to assist in the process of re-capturing production losses and most likely enhancing your production processes.

Full Circle Industrial Maintenance Expert Services Include:

  • Emergency Repair Teams for quick response.
  • Disaster Relief Assistance
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs.
  • Machine inspection and evaluation of current machines and potential purchases.
  • Machine removal and relocation
  • Peripheral services to the machine
  • Plant Moves or Product Line/Cell Upgrades
  • Rebuilds, Retrofits, Relocates and Removal
  • Appraisals, Consulting, and Qualifying
  • Modifications and Process Optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Leveling & Alignments
  • Acquisition / Disposal




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